Global News: Meliá Hotel’s online investment promotion platform officially cooperates with Amazon’s service providers


It is reported that Meliá Hotel’s online investment promotion platform has officially entered the Singapore and German markets, and other countries or regions will be opened in succession. At the same time, Meliá Hotel announced that the online investment promotion platform officially launched cooperation with Amazon service providers.
At present, after rapid development, Meliá Hotel has about 14 million collaborative users worldwide, making it a leader in the industry. However, Meliá’s online investment promotion platform encountered malicious attacks from the same industry. Due to the limited capacity of existing service providers, the Meliá hotel online investment promotion platform has launched an emergency plan to ensure safer and more stable services for platform customers. The headquarters of Meliá Hotel has now decided to fully cooperate with the world's top server provider Amazon and carry out data migration. During the data migration process, if any customer data is missing, Ping, whether a new or old user of the platform, can contact customer service within 48 hours around the clock to provide you with services.
It is hoped that the cooperation between Meliá Hotels and the world’s leading Amazon will bring more secure, stable, and credible services to global customers, and inject new technology and security momentum into the development of Meliá Hotels’ online investment platform.

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