Mechanical Seal For Desulfurization Pump


For the selection of mechanical seals for desulfurization pumps, the most important thing is to look at the medium conveyed by the pump. In the desulfurization process, the medium conveyed by the pump at some stations contains particles, and some conveying medium is relatively clean. There is a difference in sealing. For those with particles, the pump is generally required to be equipped with double-end face, back-to-back sealing form, which can effectively prevent particles from entering the sealing end face and ensure the service life of the seal.
Material selection of shaft seal of desulfurization pump and seal of flushing device. When selecting pump body seal, the sealing material and sealing form must be carefully selected. Usually, the commonly used packing seals and mechanical seals are selected. They each have their own advantages and disadvantages.
In these two common methods, mechanical seals are usually used for sealing. The main reason is that it can reduce the leakage of the pump, and also for the selection of the material of the mechanical seal, according to the order of the dynamic ring, static ring, auxiliary seal, spring and other parts of the mechanical seal, the structure of the mechanical seal can be based on the pump. Different choices of models include single mechanical seal, double back to back mechanical seal and cartridge mechanical seal.
Desulfurization pump mechanical seal selection Large-scale desulfurization circulating pump is mainly used in large-scale desulfurization systems in thermal power, petrochemical, and iron and steel industries. Mechanical seal is one of the important fluid sealing technologies, which has the advantages of convenient use, good sealing performance, less wear on the host, and strong vibration resistance. Cavitation, evacuation, and cavitation are common problems in the sealing cavity of domestic desulfurization circulating pumps, which can easily cause the temperature of the friction pair to rise sharply. Cause the mechanical seal to fail and shorten the service life. There are two technical measures that need to be taken for the cavitation phenomenon. First, improve the overall strength of the sealing device, so that it has strong anti-shock and anti-vibration capabilities when the pump is started. Second, slow down the vibration and shock when the pump starts.

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Desulfurization pump mechanical seal is a kind of water pump sealing equipment for rotating mechanical equipment. The rotating shaft surrounds the inside and outside of the machine, so that there is a circular gap between the shaft and the machine, and the material in the machine leaks out according to the gap. If the working pressure in the machine is less than the atmospheric pressure, the gas will flow into the machine. Leakage, so there must be a water pump sealing device to prevent leakage. In this case, there must be a mechanical sealing device to keep the fluid mechanics in line and avoid fluid mechanics leakage!
Desulfurization pump mechanical seal component is a relatively high-precision component, generally composed of a stationary ring, a rotating ring, an elastic element spring seat, and a rotating auxiliary seal ring.
1. Sufficient compressive strength and bending stiffness:
It will not be damaged under the working standard such as working pressure, temperature and bone movement rate, etc., the deformation strain is small, and the airtightness can still be maintained when the working standard fluctuates. It is that the inner hole of the mechanical seal must have sufficient compressive strength and certain anti-corrosion working ability to ensure that the product has a satisfactory service life.
2. it has excellent working ability of high temperature shock resistance:
Therefore, it is stipulated that the raw material has a high heat transfer coefficient and a small thermal expansion coefficient, and will not crack when it bears thermal shock.
3. Smaller friction index:
The matching of sealing rings should have less frictional resistance
4. Excellent self-moisturizing properties
If there is short-term friction in the work, it will not damage the sealing inner hole. Therefore, the sealing ring should have excellent self-lubricating properties, and the material and sealing fluid mechanics of the sealing ring should also have very good Manrun.
5. The structure of the mechanical seal is simple
The structure of the sealing ring should be simple and symmetrical, and the overall structure should be considered as a priority, or a combined type (such as a built-in type) sealing ring can be used, and the spray-painting structure of the sealing inner hole should be avoided as far as possible.
6. The sealing ring should be very easy to produce, process and manufacture. The mechanical seal of the desulfurization pump should be easy to install and maintain, and the price should be cheap.

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