A power transformer is a static electrical device that is used to transform a certain value of AC voltage (current) into another voltage (current) of the same frequency or several values of a different kind.
A static device with two or more windings, in order to transmit electrical energy, converts the AC voltage and current of one system into the voltage and current of another system by electromagnetic induction at the same frequency, usually with different values of these currents and voltages.
This product has a wide field of use and is particularly suitable for use in places with high fire protection requirements, such as mines, oil fields, subways, power plants, schools, hospitals, commercial centres, high-rise buildings and all indoor configuration systems.
Working conditions: Installation height: not more than 1000m above sea level;
Waveform of the supply voltage: similar to a sine wave;
Symmetry of multi-phase supply voltage: The supply voltage connected to the multi-phase transformer should be approximately symmetrical.
Ambient temperature:
Maximum temperature + 40°C; maximum average daily temperature + 30°C; maximum average annual temperature + 20°C.
Minimum temperature -30°C (for indoor transformers).

Structural features.
Iron core
1、The core is made of high quality grain oriented cold rolled silicon steel sheet with 45 degree full diagonal stepping joints, the core is made of special square tube pulling plate structure, the core column is insulated and tied, the surface of the core is coated with special resin to prevent moisture and rust, effectively reducing the no-load loss, no-load current and core noise.
2、Safe, non-combustible and fireproof, non-polluting, can be installed directly in the load centre.
3、maintenance-free, easy to install, low comprehensive operating costs.
4、Good moisture-proof performance, can operate normally under 100% humidity, and can be put into operation after shutdown without pre-drying.
5、Low loss, low partial discharge and low noise. Strong heat dissipation capability. Equipped with perfect temperature protection control system, providing reliable guarantee for the safe operation of the transformer.
6、High reliability. According to the operational research of the products that have been put into operation, the reliability index of the products has reached the international advanced level.

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