Galaxy Blitz - to build the world's first intergalactic warfare GameFi in the meta-universe, the recent IDO, the blind box benefits of the internal test, and so you participate


NFT has brought endless imagination to the crypto industry and has actually contributed to its development, from card games, digital art, avatar art, generative art, community NFT to the recent hit GameFi, to the ultimate form of crypto world metaverse. Right now, or in the foreseeable future, NFT is or will be at the heart of it.


From several indicators such as transaction data, ETH burning volume, on-chain activity, and recent funding amount of several representative projects, GameFi performs significantly better than other projects. Take ETH burning volume and on-chain activity for example, Axie Infinity burns more than 17,000 ETH, accounting for 20% of the total burning volume, which is unparalleled by other NFT projects, and it should be noted that the burning volume is based on the fact that Axie Infinity runs on the Ronin Layer 2 network. In terms of on-chain activity, Axie Infinity currently maintains an active count of around 135,000.

The DeFi Summer and NFT Autumn that happened before the DeFi and NFT explosion had a large amount of funding, and since then there has been a DeFi Summer and NFT Autumn, and now a large amount of funding is happening in the GameFi space and it will be obvious in the next few months, which is the most obvious sign of the eve of the GameFi explosion. Then, Q4 2021 to Q1 2022 will likely be GameFi Winter, and we will most likely stand at a turning point in the development of NFT and the crypto world.


The first year of GameFi, we are standing at a turning point in history

If 2021 is the year of DeFi, then 2022 is undoubtedly the year of NFT. As the NFT space returns to sanity, GameFi is taking over the baton and becoming the new breakout point. Developers at the forefront of this market may know better than the users themselves what to stimulate their nerves. After the users have played more well-made, more diverse and more immersive chain games, the users themselves will make a choice, and this choice is the opportunity for the development of the industry.

Therefore, when all is said and done, the burden is still on the developer, and when such a game appears, it is highly likely to become the leader of the chain tour into the quality stage, at the same time, users can also find that, in terms of quality, the next stage of things and the current stage of things are completely different from heaven and earth. For example, Galaxy Blitz, a large interstellar competition game that will hold IDO in the near future, you can feel what the gap is.

Galaxy Blitz, translated as Galaxy Assault Battle in Chinese, is the first large-scale interstellar war SLG (strategy) class NFT chain game, online on the main network of BSC, Ethereum, etc., and based on a GameFi chain game on the BSC Coin Security chain, combining the current blockchain DAO, DeFi, NFT, meta-universe and many other ecologies and technologies of a Play-to- Earn (play + earn) sandbox, card strategy game.

And the launch of the "earn while you play" strategy NFT game combines real-world available tokens with high level gameplay and extensive history and lore to provide players with a unique experience.

Galaxy Blitz is the new vehicle for the development of the future game industry, the new economy in the future game system, providing credible and intelligent tools for the future GameFi ecosystem!


Galaxy Blitz game pass token for GEB (the whole process: GALAXY BLITZ ECO), the total number of issued constant 36 million pieces. The destruction of deflationary deflation to 360,000.

Institutional rules and benefits.

Recruiting 30 globally, each institution cooperates 15,000 USDT

Institutional interest: Share 5 nodes. Direct share 5%, community building 200 people or more

2% trading slippage: 30% of which is distributed equally and 70% weighted dividend

DAO's own community share of 1% of the total issue weighted dividend. 10% for the first month of release, 7% for each month after the second month

Super node rules benefits.

Global recruitment of 150, each node cooperation 6000 knife

Node entitlement: share 10 whitelist, 5% direct share, community building over 100 people

2% trading slippage: 30% of which is distributed equally and 70% weighted dividend

DAO's own community share of 1.4% of the total issue weighted dividend. 15% for the first month, 10% for each month after the second month

Whitelist Rules Benefits

Whitelist: 20,000 recruited globally, 200u per whitelist.

Whitelist interest: 5% direct share 5% indirect share

30% release in the first month, 10% release every month after the second month

In general, Galaxy BlitzB is more like a meta-universe world with better production, more reasonable system and full economic cycle. The game setting itself is a higher level than most of the single game projects in the current market, and is also in line with the meta-universe settings that we usually see in movies and books.

After the emergence of Axie in the early stage of the chain game market and BinaryX game in the middle stage, Galaxy Blitz will probably grab a seat in the next stage of the chain game market. Whether from the evolution of the chain game or the formation of the meta-universe, Galaxy Blitz is worth the market to look forward to.

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